Keynote Speakers

Eva Kaili has been a Member of the European Parliament since 2014.

In January 2022, she was elected Vice-President of the European Parliament for the second half of the 9th legislature. Her responsibilities include the Parliament’s ICT Innovation Strategy, Informatics & Telecommunications, the STOA Panel, CSR, and replacing the President for Middle East, business associations, and multilateral bodies.

She is the first woman to have chaired the STOA Panel and the Centre for Artificial Intelligence. She is a Member of the Committees on Industry, Research and Energy; Economic and Monetary Affairs; Budgets; Artificial Intelligence in a Digital Age; and the Pegasus Committee of Inquiry.

Eva has worked on promoting innovation as a driving force of the European Digital Single Market. She has been the draftsperson of legislation on blockchain, big data, fintech, AI, and cybersecurity, EFSI2, InvestEU, and FuelEU Maritime. Currently, she is Rapporteur for the S&D Group for legislation on Cybersecurity in the EU Institutions and the Pegasus Committee of Inquiry.

Prior to being elected as MEP, Eva was a Member of the Greek Parliament. Before that, she worked as a journalist. She has a BA in Architecture and Civil Engineering, and a Postgraduate degree in European Politics.

Rapolas LAKAVIČIUS is Policy Officer at the Directorate-General for Communications Networks, Content & Technology (DG CONNECT) of the European Commission. Work responsibilities are mainly focused on blockchain standardisation.

Previously, Rapolas worked with European Research Framework (H2020, FP7) projects and Broadband internet policies.

Prior to joining the European Commission, Rapolas worked with credit risk analysis at SEB Bank in Vilnius and as a consultant preparing economic and financial feasibility studies for the EU funding.

Rapolas holds a Master’s Degree in Economics from Vilnius University.


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  • HL7 Romania
  • IEEE Future Directions Committee

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