Industry Panel

The industrial panel will give opportunity to specialists from industry to present their latest developments, products, techniques that are developed within their companies.

The event will also be an opportunity to exchange ideas, practices, latest discoveries in the different areas of expertise. The event will be organised as an online event.

Integrate real world data in blockchain applications - Oracles in Ethereum development

Abstract: hen blockchain based distributed applications need to access real world data, a way to securely connect smart contracts with off-chain data and services is required. One possible solution to this problem is using hybrid smart contracts that interact with off-chain data providers. These data providers are called oracles. The presentation will revolve around a use case where Ethereum oracles were used to provide secure data input for a smart contract crypto-based payment mechanism.

Keynote Speaker: Alexandru Marin
Role: Lead Software Engineer @ Zitec
Bio: Computer Science Engineer with over ten years of experience in delivering software products for both large scale organizations and startups. I’m currently occupying the position of lead software engineer in Zitec, with vast experience in mobile and blockchain development.

Decentralised Blockchain for Energy Exchanging inside in ELECTRON (rEsilient and seLf-healed EleCTRical pOwer Nanogrid), EU H2020 SU-DS04-2018-2020 funded research project

Abstract: Produce a decentralised blockchain system for energy transactions, adopting the Vickrey type e-auction, where each participant can buy or sell energy depending on needs. Will be based on (i) the informed consent blockchain based mechanism, (ii) the Blockchain based IP blacklisting mechanism, (iii) the Blockchain based Gateway and IoT Registry and Software Integrity, and (iv) the Solidity Smart Contract deployed on Hyperledger Sawtooth Platform.

Keynote Speaker: Cristinel Bogdan BĂRBULESCU
Role: Consultant Management Senior
Squad Digital Transformation
Societatea Energetică Electrica S.A.
Bio: Cristinel Bogdan Barbulescu, graduate of University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest - Faculty of Automatic Control and Computer Science, holds a master's degree in Advanced Software Services, PhD student and university assistant, has been working for over 30 years within Electrica SA, currently occupying the position of Senior Management Consultant in Squad of Digital Transformation. Electrica Group is a key player in the electricity distribution and supply market in Romania, as well as one of the most important players in the energy services sector.

Visual Gateway to Attention - A Neurometric Application of Eye Tracking Technology

Abstract: During the past five years, Iceberg+ has been developing and perfecting advanced eye tracking technology. While common applications range from manufacturing and retail to software development and validation, we envision a different, more human-centric use case for this technology.

By thoughtfully developing Eyesense for common PC and laptop webcams, we are building a consumer product focusing on focus itself. Using Computer Vision AI, our software tracks and times on-screen gaze, as well as measures off-screen time for a complete estimation of attention span and level of focus. This technology is complemented by AI driven suggestions for breaks and segmenting office work in order to enhance productivity.

Looking into the future, we envision Eyesense as a possible intervention in ADHD, as well as a powerful tool in tracking neurological recovery.

Keynote Speaker: Ionut Țața
Role: CEO Iceberg Plus SRL
Bio: Ionuț is a digital visionary and innovation entrepreneur, with 20 years of experience in orchestrating change in the public and private sector. He is CEO of innovation consulting company Iceberg Plus, specialising in supporting start-ups in technology transfers in order to develop products and services in the digital industry, photonics, AI & Robotics, smart city, e-health, agri-food or manufacturing sectors. Through Iceberg Plus, Ionuț has generated multiple grass-root initiatives aimed at accelerating sustainable, digital change in the SME sector, such as the Future of Innovation and Technology Digital Innovation Hub (FIT DIH), ALT Brașov Digital Innovation Hub or the Cluster for Innovation and Technology.

Humanoid Robot MIHA for Research and Development

Abstract: We will present an affordable platform for studying humanoid robotics based accessible components and 3D printable frames. The robot is based on ROS and leverages many open-source components while most of the software and hardware elements are also released as open-source encouraging the expansion of the ecosystem. The robot includes a number of original features, like state-of-the-art dual axis servo motors, high performance computing on-device and long autonomy of over 3 hours.

Keynote Speaker: Alexandru Sonea
Role: Director, Synapticon Ltd, UK
Bio: Alex has over 20 years of experience in delivering large IT projects for top blue-chip global companies in Germany, US, UK and Asia. When he is not advising clients, he is interested in high-performance robotics, especially humanoid robotics, studies and designs his own robots and researches novel ways of applying Reinforcement Learning in controlling them.

Blockchain – vision and design of BENGEE platform for descentralized and transparent e-Commerce

Abstract: BENGEE is a e-Commerce platform that Phoenix IT is building with the intention of revolutionize the e-Commerce domain by translating the price elasticity of demand from B2B to B2C area and to improve the Electronic Auction System. BENGEE is a game-changing platform which will enable blockchain adoption in e-Commerce and Electronic Auction System and improvement the bidding process for increased traceability, transparency, audit capabilities, non-repudiation of demand, non-cancellation.

BENGEE is design as a distributed service, that will allow decentralization, transaction verification and traceability in a transparent and immutable way. It is based on Ethereum Blockchain, Smart Contracts and machine learning for modelling the price elasticity for each category of products and it addresses inter-organizational processes from a conceptual level.

BENGEE is envisaged to provide all supplier interested companies with a BENGEE Interoperable Node, for on-premise or cloud deployment.

Keynote Speaker: Vlad Garmacea
Role: Software Development Team Leader, PHOENIX IT SRL
Bio: Technology passionate, Vlad Garmacea is the Technical Manager of the BENGEE project and ASIGNO project – both projects were started as R&D development challenges. Since 2010 Vlad was involved in different projects based on various of technologies and programming frameworks: Java, JavaScript, AngularJS, Groovy, PL–SQL, T-SQL, HTML5, XML, C# , C/C++, PHP, Spring Security, SpringData, Spring AOP, Spring REST, ADF, .Net, Rails, Oracle Cloud.

Blockchain applications for smart grids

Abstract: In addition to financially benefiting the end user, the main requirement of both utility companies and their customers is a framework for central monitoring, control and power grid optimization. Therefore, a smart 2-way information exchange channel between utility companies and their clients is the solution that smart grids provide.

The SealedGRID project stands for the development and implementation of a scalable, highly trusted, and interoperable Smart GRID security platform. Therefore, the project seeks to implement solutions which reinforce the security of the exchanged information by relying on Blockchain Technology and introducing several IoT devices with different roles: Smart Meters for consumption monitoring, MASKER for encryption of the consumption values, so that the electricity consumption habits of people remain private.

TESTBED2 is an interdisciplinary project which combines knowledge from 3 different fields of study– Electronic & Electrical Engineering, Computing Sciences and Macroeconomics. The main focus is on improving the scalability of smart grid services, with a focus on carbon-neutral power, heat and transport systems. Technologies like Blockchain, Distributed Hash Tables, OpenID Connect and Trusted Execution Environments will be used in the project.

Keynote Speaker: George Suciu Jr.
Role: R&D & Innovation Department & Co-owner of BEIA Consult International
Bio: George Suciu Jr is an R&D Engineer and an innovative entrepreneur who graduated from the Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Information Technology (ETTI) at the University “Politehnica” of Bucharest (UPB),Romania ( With more than 20 years of research experience, he is the manager of the R&D&Innovation Departament of BEIA Consult International since 2008. His passion for research and entrepreneurship led him to complete an MBA in Informatics Project Management and IPR from the Faculty of Cybernetics, Statistics and Economic Informatics of the Academy of Economic Studies Bucharest and obtain the title of Researcher at Aalborg University from Denmark.

Patient journeys in digital health. The use case: ATLAS mental health experience applied at scale.

Abstract: The purpose of the presentation is to provide an overview of the developments in the area of digital health and patients' journey both during and after the epidemic.

The COVID-19 global pandemic raised telehealth use and interest, and it also highlighted the potential of digital health to improve access to doctors and mental health specialists.

It is anticipated that the pandemic backdrop, along with the quick development of digital technology and the global lack of health practitioners, will provide the ideal environment for implementing digital solutions to the benefit of patients both in the field of mental and physical health.

Keynote Speaker: Alexandra Popescu-Zorica
Role: Chief Growth Officer at ATLAS
Bio: Alexandra Popescu-Zorica is Chief Growth at ATLAS, in charge with the development of products, solutions and patient journeys in the area of mental health and telemedicine. She has 7+ years experience in Romania and The Netherlands in product and service innovation around health insurance and connected healthcare services.


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